Renewable Heating Solutions Linked | Flexible | Controllable | Multi Energy Heat Bank

We Link renewable heating alternatives together into one viable solution

Our 'Hot Stuff' Multi Energy Heat Bank collects energy at optimum times and costs - to provide controllable heat on demand when you need it.

Linking together any combination of  'off grid' renewable sources with 'on-grid' supplies, configured to give you your best individual heating solution.

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we help design biomass boilers and stoves for the uk

Helping Design & Build for the UK

Our technical manager Bruce Mills has designed and specified heating systems for 30 years.

We work closely with our suppliers to help design biomass boilers specifically for the UK

wood pellets for boilers


Biomass Renewable Heating RHI Grants & VAT Savings

Biomass and Renewable heating installations can often by supported by grant funding from the governments RHI funding initiative.

Information on the DOMESTIC RHI initiative can be viewed in a new browser window here>>
Information on the NON-DOMESTIC RHI initiative can be viewed in a new browser here>>